November 30, 2023


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Orcas Searching and Killing Huge Blue Whales Off Australia Coast

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  • A examine from Australia is the to start with to scientifically doc blue whales’ killings by orcas. 
  • Orcas have been observed devouring the nutrient-prosperous tongues of the large blue whales.
  • “This is the major predation celebration on this planet,” a marine scientist said.

For the initial time, a pod of orcas — also known as killer whales — has been noticed searching and killing blue whales, the premier animal on the earth.

In accordance to a report published in Marine Mammal Science this month, the scientific community has long debated regardless of whether orcas can hunt the massive blue whales. 

But this concern has now been answered immediately after 3 instances of orcas attacking blue whales off the coast of Western Australia were recorded by maritime scientists from Cetrec WA (Cetacean Research). It consists of details of how the killer whales swam inside of the mouth of the tremendous whales to try to eat their nutritionally wealthy tongue just prior to they died.

“Listed here we deliver the 1st documentation of killer whales killing and eating blue whales: two individuals killed, 16 times aside in 2019, and a 3rd in 2021,” the scientists wrote in the paper. “Notably, the first whale taken appeared to be a healthier adult.”

Researchers arrived at the initially killing of a 72-foot-extended blue whale to see significant chunks of pores and skin and blubber getting been gouged from its physique and with most of the dorsal fin obtaining been bitten off. 

It was followed by relentless attacks by the orcas, where 3 lined up towards the blue whale and pushed it underwater, whilst two attacked its head. out?v=L7g7AVxOw5g

The research clarifies that 50 orcas joined the pack for 6 hrs to feed on the carcass.

A couple months afterwards, the following attack happened when a blue whale calf was focused. 20-five orcas attacked the 40-foot-extended animal. 

The remaining attack recorded by the research was on a 45-foot-extensive blue whale, chased for 15 miles in a 90-minute hunt. Yet again, the orcas’ searching strategy was to thrust and ram the whale under the water whilst other folks attacked its head and tongue. A 50-potent pod devoured the stays of the destroy.


orca whale calf

An orca and its calf.

Jeff Foott/Getty Illustrations or photos

Mother orcas are the lead aggressors

Past scientific studies experienced concluded that orca assaults experienced to be executed by the major killer whales — who are male and can increase to 30 feet in length — to be productive. But the new analysis documented that these killings have been led by woman orcas, with the study declaring that the drive to feed their offspring could make them extra aggressive. 

“This is the major predation party on this earth: the major apex predator having down the biggest prey,” analyze coauthor Robert Pitman, a marine ecologist at Oregon Condition University’s Marine Mammal Institute, advised National Geographic. “We will not have dinosaurs any longer, so for me as a whale biologist and a zoologist. It really is an astounding factor.”