March 22, 2023


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Advertising strategies also often audio alike, even for wholly diverse manufacturers in wholly diverse industries with fully various aims. 

I’ve tried out to capture a several common advertising strategy slide clichés in this cartoon, but advertising and marketing plans can quickly swell to hundreds of slides and appendices.  They normally just take the type of what Garr Reynolds once dubbed the “slide-ument” — an awkward union of displays slides and a document. 

The most significant oversight in marketing and advertising planning is what Mark Ritson calls the “tactification of marketing” — jumping to the techniques just before framing a strategy.  Regularly these tactics are the identical chased by other makes.

In 2021, Mark wrote a single of the best move-by-action primers I have found on how to write a promoting strategy.  The total 14-phase article is truly worth holding as a reference, but I like the overall back-to-principles reminder of adhering to three straightforward sequential phases:

“First, we diagnose the problem working with facts. Next, we put with each other a approach. 3rd, we system the strategies that will provide the tactic and accomplishment in the current market. Then, all items being cyclical, it is back again to a new diagnosis the pursuing yr to see if the system labored and get started the procedure again…

“A fantastic advertising program will abide by these a few phases in its construction. Diagnosis really should lead to a strategic area and last but not least to practices and the funds associated with them…

“There is no single great marketing scheduling format. Each individual youthful and desperate marketer lookups on the web and in vain for a magical common template that you fill in the evening before the major presentation day. But Google benefits you with 100 dumb-ass versions of various stupid programs. No regular exists….

“But this all round three-part framework of diagnosis feeding method, which drives tactical selections, is inarguable if you know what you are undertaking. Check out and adhere to it.”

This approach seems clear, but it is typically ignored.

Mark’s other observation I appreciated is this:

“If you can not organise your marketing and advertising plan in this sort of a way that it be communicated in 20 slides and 60 minutes, you are almost absolutely also disorganised to execute it down the observe.”

Here are a couple of connected cartoons I have drawn in excess of the a long time:

“If marketing and advertising kept a diary, this would be it.”

– Ann Handley, Chief Articles Officer of MarketingProfs

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