September 24, 2023


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How To Get More Reviews For Your Business

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By Blair Williams, founder of the WordPress membership plugin MemberPress and affiliate program plugin Easy Affiliate.

When it comes to content created by brands, customers are wary of believing what they read or hear. They know that brands will always focus on sharing positive messages and will leave out weaknesses and problems. 

However, when your audience sees their peers support your brand, they’ll feel comfortable because other people like them are boosting your brand image even when they don’t have a stake in your business. 

This is why getting validation from your customers through reviews, testimonials and other content is important. 

Getting reviews needs to be an active part of your marketing activities. Passively waiting for customer reviews is not a good idea since only a small percentage of buyers ever leave reviews. 

You also want to actively monitor the feedback you get since you’ll be able to help unsatisfied customers and prevent poor reviews from staying online. 

Getting social proof is an important part of any business’s success. Let’s look at how you can take practical steps to get more reviews for your business. 

Send a follow-up email.

A common tactic that you can use is to send a follow-up email after your customer has consumed your product or solution. In the restaurant business, you can do this right away, but for other e-commerce businesses, it will be necessary to wait for some time. 

You can automate this activity by using a drip-email campaign. Remember that the sooner you can send an email, the better because that’s when your customer’s memory will be fresh in their minds and they’ll still retain an interest in leaving a review. 

Make it part of your loyalty campaign.

You can incentivize the action of leaving reviews by rewarding your customers with loyalty points or cash-back offers. 

This does not mean incentivizing customers for leaving positive reviews only. Any kind of feedback can mean a chance to grow. So making giving reviews a way to build their loyalty rewards will benefit you and your customers in the long run. 

They’ll feel like their efforts are appreciated, and you’ll build social proof and maintain a long-term relationship with customers. 

Make it easy to leave reviews.

The more steps it takes for a customer to do something, the less likely they are to do it. Make the option to leave a review easy to find and carry out. Do this by making your “Leave a review” button more visible and add as few fields to fill in as possible. 

Often, just a headline and the body field are enough. Avoid asking for extra details like name or email as these should automatically fill in if they are signed up on your website. 

Thank them.

Show your appreciation for your customer’s contribution by adding a thank you text and even a thank you landing page as soon as they hit the submit button. You can also follow up with a thank you email and let your buyer know that they’ve had a cash-back offer, discount or loyalty points added to their account. 

Feature reviews on your website.

Your audience is more likely to do things that they see other people do, too. Share reviews on your social media and website to create social proof. 

Also, when your customers see that you’re listening to their feedback and are highlighting their reviews, they’ll be more interested in writing reviews for your business. 


Taking a few steps like the ones suggested here can significantly impact the reviews you get. 

Reviews are a critical part of any business with an online presence, especially e-commerce ones. 

Encourage people to leave reviews on different platforms and you’ll start to build a trustworthy presence that wins you more customers.