June 3, 2023


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Convex Finance addresses bug that could’ve led to a $15 billion rug pull

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  • Blockchain stability agency OpenZepplin uncovered a vulnerability inside of Curve that could have led to exorbitant damages.
  • OpenZepplin disclosed the difficulty via Immunefi and the bug was fixed.


Convex Protocol, a platform that boosts benefits for those working with the Curve stablecoin, has mitigated an challenge that could’ve resulted in a $15 billion rug pull.

Rug pulls take place when seemingly legit cryptocurrency projects abscond with trader money. It is grow to be a substantial challenge in the decentralized finance house in the earlier calendar year

OpenZeppelin, a blockchain safety firm, uncovered a substantial vulnerability throughout a protection audit for Coinbase of the Convex Finance protocol. The organization observed that if two of the 3 multi-signature wallet signers of the Convex executed a precise series of steps, they could acquire entry to a pool of liquidity company tokens. OpenZeppelin in-depth the ways in a article

For the reason that Convex holds the the greater part of Curve Finance’s CRV stablecoins in circulation, sizeable funds had been at chance. The vulnerability could enable Convex’s nameless builders — in the variety of two of 3 multisig signers — to gain regulate above Convex’s locked value, which at the time was about $15 billion. 

The bug could only be exploited or patched by Convex’s growth staff, which OpenZeppelin reported produced the disclosure course of action intricate. The security business claimed it was fairly confident that the issue was unintentional, this means builders didn’t know about the vulnerability or have the intention of absconding with resources, but if the business was wrong, the fallout of alerting the extremely folks with the ability to perform the rug pull had the prospective to be disastrous. 

In the long run, OpenZeppelin said it attempted to obtain assurances that the vulnerability would not be exploited in advance of describing the vulnerability to the Convex crew. They employed bug bounty husband or wife Immunefi as an intermediary. 

Due to the fact then, the bug has been patched. The vulnerability was hardly ever exploited and no cash were ever lost. Convex posted supplemental assets breaking down the multisig weak spot in its public documentation. 

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