September 27, 2023


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CDW Co.: Leveraging Technology for Business Growth and Shareholder Value

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Technology can be both exciting and intimidating. But for applications like business processes, information technology, software, and hardware, the potential benefits when utilized correctly can be enormous. Companies such as CDW Co. have harnessed the power of technology to grow their business and create value for their shareholders.

Recently, reported that CDW Co. (NASDAQ:CDW) has received a consensus recommendation of “Moderate Buy” from the eight brokerages that are currently covering the firm. Out of these brokers, seven have issued buy recommendations while one covers a hold recommendation. The average 12-month price target among brokerages that have covered the stock in the past year is $205.63.

Large investors also recognize the potential value of investing in CDW Co. Some institutional investors who have recently modified their holdings include Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc., Acadian Asset Management LLC, Panagora Asset Management Inc., Yousif Capital Management LLC, and Blair William & Co. IL among others.

Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc., for example, increased its holdings by 9.2% in Q1, translating to 6,213 shares valued at $1,165,000 after buying an additional 547 shares during that quarter alone; while Acadian Asset Management LLC purchased a new position in CDW during Q1 valued at $103,000.

Moreover, CDW’s dividend payout ratio is noteworthy; as of June 16th this year it sits at 29.57%. This makes its recently paid quarterly dividend which amounted to $0.59 per share ($2.36 dividend on an annualized basis), even more appealing to income-seeking investors with its yield of 1.32%.

For technology companies like CDW Co., keeping pace with technological changes whilst maintaining credibility takes continuous dynamism and innovation hence underscoring its appeal to over 90% institutional ownerships-noteworthy.

All things considered, those who invest in this company should bear in mind that technology is notorious for its volatility and rapid rate of innovation. Caution and vigilance are therefore important when investing in this ever-changing and highly lucrative industry. As always, one should carefully research their options before making any financial commitment.

CDW Corporation


Strong Buy

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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Current $182.70

Concensus $216.33

Low $210.00

Median $214.00

High $225.00

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CDW Corporation Faces Reduced Price Objectives by Major Banks and Mixed Reactions from Analysts

On June 16, 2023, CDW corporation has been in the news due to reports from several research analysts. Bank of America lowered its previously set price objective on the CDW stock from $200.00 to $185.00 while Credit Suisse Group followed suit and also lowered their objectives on the same stock from $195.00 to $190.00, both on Thursday May 4th.

JPMorgan Chase & Co also contributed to the conversation about CDW’s stock by recently reducing their target price from $225.00 per share to $205.00 with an “overweight” rating that was included in a previous research note published on Wednesday, April 19th. Similarly, Morgan Stanley went ahead and decreased its target price for the shares of CDW from $228.00 to $200.00 whilst still maintaining an “overweight” rating on the stock.

This comes with mixed reactions from who started coverage on shares of CDW recently and are still indecisive as they issued a “hold” rating on it in their report released on Thursday, May 18th citing fluctuating economic indicators.

Nonetheless, trading opened at $178.20 on Friday for CDW stock which has seen lows of $147.91 and highs of $215 within the past 12 months respectively, with a market cap of 24.02 billion dollars and a P/E ratio of 22:33 along with a beta factor estimated at around 1:10 according to recent records.

Moreover, insider Christine A.Leahy acquired about 3,050 shares of the company’s stock during a transaction which took place earlier this year on Thursday May 4th at an average price of $163:62 per share amounting to about 499k US dollars in total value spent during this move alone.

However one views these varying perspectives concerning CDW’s stock, it is safe to say that this company’s role in the technological and corporate world cannot be ignored and plays its part in the stock industry.