September 23, 2023


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Canovation Stands out in PMMI Technology Excellence Awards

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Canovation, an internationally recognized sustainable packaging technology company, has been notified by PMMI that it is a Finalist for the PMMI Technology Excellence Awards in two of the four award categories. Canovation’s patented CanReseal® technology has been nominated for the Food/Beverage and Personal Care/Pharma categories.

The awards recognize exhibitor’s innovative technology that has not been previously shown at the Expo. Canovation is the only company this year to be nominated in more than one category. This is the third time in 2021 that Canovation has been internationally acknowledged for their innovative and forward-thinking sustainable packaging designs.

CanReseal is the first ever all-metal resealable technology that adds threads to all commercially available cans for any product. The product line was designed to meet the increasing global demand for sustainability in the packaging industry. With the addition of threads to the can technology, CanReseal becomes a container option that is resealable, airtight, economical and differentiating for both product brands and manufacturers.

“Our entire team is elated to know that the industry recognizes we are providing innovative packaging technology through our CanReseal portfolio that can be utilized in many markets. Our end goal is to offer full sustainability in packaging to many brands and manufacturing environments without significant added cost,” said Chief Marketing Officer Michele Merrell.

Of the two award categories Canovation is competing in:

CanReseal’s technology offers additional benefits for the Food/Beverage market including:

  • Easy resealability and portion control for both food and beverages
  • Ability to better experience aromatics in beverages
  • Portability for travel

CanReseal’s technology for the Personal Care/Pharma market offers numerous differentiators including:

  • Resealable and airtight
  • Increases shelf life of products
  • Economical and fully sustainable packaging alternative

CanReseal ultimately can be applied to eight vertical markets including: beverages; CBD & pharma; pet food; paint & chemical; food & snack; personal & beauty; household; and consumer goods. The solutions can be offered in standard or custom sizes, making resealability in metal can packaging achievable for all needs.

Attendees can visit Canovation in booth N-9612 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) to preview their nominated CanReseal technology. Voting for the awards takes place during Pack Expo in the lobbies of the Central and South Halls at the LVCC, on the Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021 mobile app beginning online at 9:00 a.m. Monday, September 27 or at

About Canovation

Canovation is a container engineering and design company created in response to worldwide consumer demand for a reduction in the use of plastic, which is impacting our ecosystems and our health. Its award-winning CanReseal® technology can be used in many vertical markets with endless applications ranging from beverages, food & snack, pet food, paint & chemical, CBD/pharma, personal care, household and consumer goods, and delivers an economical, endlessly recyclable and fully resealable metal packaging solution. Canovation is evolving the packaging industry by the creation of fully resealable can that does not disrupt existing infrastructure or supply chain operations. Its solution provides many product brands with a functional and economical alternative to single-use plastic. For more information, please visit