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Audio Visual Consulting Services – What to Expect

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When considering using AV consulting services, you should know what to expect. You’ll need to understand what kinds of certifications you’re going to be working with, and you’ll need to see if you will be designing a bid or building a project.

Design/Bid or Design/Build?

There are two significant ways to go about designing and installing audiovisual systems. The first is through a professional AV integrator, and the second is by using the services of a consultant. This article outlines the differences between these two methods and what to expect.

Typically, a consultant will be hired by an end user. They will work with the end user to define their needs, design the room, and suggest AV equipment and installation options. While the process may be more complex, it is also more cost-effective.

In most cases, an AV consultant will perform several spot checks, define the budget, and send a Request for Proposals to qualified integrators. An AV consultant will then present bids to the client. On the other hand, a professional AV integrator will handle the whole project.

A consultant’s most important deliverable is a bid packet. It will typically contain a quote for the project, a list of equipment and potential equipment, and an as-built drawing.

Work With Your Budget

Most event planners are underwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks to be performed in a single day. There are countless details to consider and decisions to be made along the way. It pays to be well-rounded and prepared. The key to success is a clear set of objectives and a well-defined budget. Fortunately, there are several audio visual company to choose from, each with a different level of expertise and budget wrangling. As a result, the decision-making process is far less stressful. Of course, enlisting the services of a competent consultant is a must.

There are a few things to remember if you’re looking to hire a reputable vendor. For starters, find a company with a clear history of supplying quality work. This could include a well-maintained facility and well-informed staff. Additionally, do your due diligence and carefully examine your competition’s budgets and plans.


Professional audiovisual consulting services are available in a variety of industries. This includes commercial and industrial sectors. AV consultants often have a professional certification to provide the best possible service.

The Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) is an AV professional credential offered by AVIXA, a global trade association for the professional audiovisual and information communications industry. It requires passing an in-depth exam and demonstrating a broad knowledge base of the entire industry.

A Certified Audio Visual Service Provider (CAVSP) is awarded to a company that is in-house with a sufficient number of CTS specialists. This accreditation assures consumers that they are hiring a company that is up to the highest standards of the AV industry.

Certifications for AV professionals vary in level. They can be general foundational certifications or more advanced. Generalist certifications cover a wide range of industry segments and teach some degree of detail about them.

For example, the MCSE from Microsoft, the Cisco Certified Network Associate, and the Digital Signage Certified Expert from the Digital Signage Experts Group are all examples of generalist certifications.

AV Consultants are Cornerstones of Active Learning Environments

A new trend in the education market is changing how audiovisual (AV) requirements are shaped. AV designers are discovering opportunities for new solutions. This includes the development of active learning classrooms.

Active learning is a type of teaching and learning that allows students to share their thoughts and opinions. Teachers can then use those ideas to create better, more informative discussions. The result is a more effective evaluation process. For schools, this means keeping up with the latest classroom technology.

Several companies are helping schools develop effective AV systems. It provides schools with cloud-based sharing platforms that allow teachers to deliver content to the classroom, auditorium, or other educational facilities. Students can then create their range using the system.

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