June 13, 2024


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Aerospace Machining Explained

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When you see planes, jets, and choppers flying high in the sky, what comes to mind? Probably the comfort and thrill of seeing the earth from above, or the dynamics of the air industry. While these are nice things to think about, there are aspects of the air transport industry that are not in every day’s discussion. Aerospace machining is one of them. 

In this article, you’ll understand the dynamics of aerospace machining, how it works and how it contributes to the air transport industry. So, what exactly is aerospace machining? Read on to find out the answer. 

Aerospace Machining 

Aerospace machining is the art and science of assembling tools and parts to create aerospace machinery and vehicles. This is the job of aerospace machinists who take special courses to understand how to assemble different parts and come up with agile and user-friendly machines. 

While aerospace machining sounds like a fun venture, you need to have a deep passion for assembling things, and a keen eye for accuracy in the field. Air transport vehicles transport people and, as such, aerospace machinists must be willing to learn and use their training to make the most people-friendly and safe machines. 

What Are Aerospace Machining Companies? 

After studying and qualifying to become an aerospace machinist, graduates move on to put their skills to work. However, these are not skills that you can use in any garage. You’d have to find employment with an aerospace machining company. 

Most times, aerospace machining companies such as Intrex Aerospace Machining are independent contractors who are hired by governments to build the flying machines. These companies have both the human and robotics power needed to build robust machines to be used by human beings. 

These companies work with government contracts and are home to all the fluting machines you see in the sky. Companies are required to have only the most qualified people working for them to get the best results from their manufacturing prowess. 

Aerospace Machinists 

Aerospace machinists are people who are specially trained to create, service, and repair aircraft. They go through specialized training. There are two categories of aerospace machinists, namely:

  • Production machinists
  • Maintenance machinists

Production machinists specialize in the manufacture of aircraft, while maintenance machinists are responsible for repairing and servicing the aircraft. 


Aerospace machining is one of the strongest pillars of the air transport industry. Companies such as Intrex Aerospace Machining work with the best production and maintenance machinists to ensure that their customers have the best aircraft to work with. 

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